about the rally

Żubry is one of the oldest automotive events in Poland; the tradition dates back to November 1966, when it was founded by Sobieslaw Zasada, in the season when he won the first of his three European Championships. Mr Zasada was for many years the marshal of the event, and is now a regular participant.

This year’s edition takes place in Zakopane, over a 290-km course, and will include both timed stages and tests of skill. The finale will be held in the Kasprowy Hotel in Zakopane and the prizes will be awarded during the traditional Żubry Ball.


  • The only rally in Europe
    for rally veterans: veteran racers: former drivers and activists
  • The only one
    with age handicap
  • One of the oldest
    in Poland
  • maxiumum 100 rally teams
  • 300 km-course, 10-12 special stages with up to 2 km long
  • age handicap
  • road cars without sport modifications (except OPEN category)
54 Rajd Żubrów

Automobile Club of Krakow

ul. Klasztorna 1
31-979 Kraków